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    As a MVP member of HER Basketball here’s just a few of the great programs you can look forward to:

    1. Scouting Service:

      observe and rate talent; Website with player bios for coaches and leagues around the globe to view our talented roster of female athletes.

    2. Summer Camps-Summer 2015:

      hosted by professional and college basketball players from around the globe.

    3. HER Basketball Open Runs:

      Girls only pick-up games by invitation and referral.

    4. Scholarship Weekend:

      Spring 2015 during Live Period will honor our outstanding SHEROES, who demonstrated star behavior in the classroom, the community, and the court.

    5. Seminar/Workshops:

      for parents and student-athletes- will help parents navigate the recruiting process as well as learn the nuances of completing a Fasfa application.

    6. SAT/ACT Preparation:

      (Summer 2015) HER Basketball recognizes that the best athlete is the one who prepares herself on and off the court. Our team of star baIlers are the total package of BEA UTY, BRAINS, AND BALL SKILLSI Our academic advisors are committed to preparing our young ladies to be star players in the field of academics. An intense month long series of college testing prep is what your child can expect from this enrichment program. But be warned: no bench warmers allowed! Come prepared to study and study hard.

    7. Pro/Am Summer League:

      Summer 2015- HerBasketball will co-produce the 1st ever summer streetball Pro-Am for women in Washington, DC.

    8. HER Basketball Newsletter:

      Scheduled for release in Summer 2015 this monthly newsletter will feature latest news in trends affecting HER athletes around the globe. Experts and legends in the field will contribute with feature articles and editorials. On staff columnists will highlight scholarship opportunities and roster availabilities for our members.

    9. HER Health Symposiums:

      Designed to educate and empower young women on a number of health issues ranging from Breast Cancer and Heart disease awareness to wellness and self esteem seminars aimed at celebrating the Beauty of Womanhood.

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